You say your values are better because they are tolerant of others?

Why are you not tolerant of Christianity?

You answer is: because Christians are intolerant bigots? Because Christians think they have the only way to salvation?

Take the time to learn some history and a little bit about Christianity. Christianity is the most tolerant religion there is. Christianity teaches that we are to love all people--even our enemies. The problem you think you see is that Christians are to hate sin. Sin is defined as disobeying God, and Christianity teaches that we can not tolerate sin. If you define yourself based on your sin, then you are making it appear as though Christians do not tolerate you. The truth is we love you. Just as God does, we want the best for you in all ways. But in no way to we want* to love disobeying God (sin).

Belief in Christ is the only way to salvation. If that is intolerant, it is because God does not tolerate sin. And all of mankind is sinful. In order to enter God's presence in heaven we need to be washed clean of our sinful behavior, thoughts and nature.

*All people are flawed and we make mistakes. We are all sinners, and some Christians love their sins.